Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mastery: Interviews with 33 Remarkable People by Joan Ames

I have not updated my reading list for a while. I've read a few books since the last post. Unfortunately, not all of them inspired me to write a post to my blog. So, I just write about the books I like. :)

I just finished reading the interviews on mastery by Joan Ames. I like this book a lot. I especially like the interviews with scientists and engineers. I guess it is because they shared thoughts and ideas on mastery that are more related to what I do for living. This book definitely expanded my view on how to achieve new levels of mastery. I especially like the advice by Alexis Sanderson on the ability to be delighted in the discovery of your own errors. I think it is kind of important quality for a software developer. I also like the approach of Peter Steidlmayer on reaching the higher level of knowledge by simplifying things, i.e. figuring out the key principles behind complex things. I am going to apply some of the ideas and thoughts I've got from this book to my daily practice just because those things make a lot of sense to me, not because I've found a recepe the the mastery. :)

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