Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow

It supposed to be a usual day as many others over the last few years. I took a train to work. I like trains. It is a great place to read books. This morning I was reading "The Last Lecture". Just a couple pages left when the train stopped on the last station in San Francisco. I had to get out and go to work. I came to the office, opened the email and and browsed the news as I usually do. The first message I saw was the one I did not want to believe. Randy Pausch has passed away. That struck me even though I knew that would happen.

That moment I felt like I lost a friend of mine. I did not know Randy personally, but I became a good friend of his after reading his book. There are lot of things in the book that are very personal. Some of them remind me of things that happened in my life.

This book is special to me. It made me think about the most important things in life once again. It is a great story with lots of wisdom and things to learn. It is real. I wish it had a happier end.